Vojtěch Veškrna

www : veskrna.cz

I’m photographer currently living in Warsaw where I assist in collective Sputnik Photos. In my own work I concentrate on architecture, products and people. I love technology and my camera is not a black magic box to me. However I believe there is some magic in the process and it keeps me happy.

Although my interest in photography is enormous, I try to be curious about everything else. I love how the structures and the whole world works. I believe photography gives me opportunity to be close to the things I’m interested in.

My personal projects are focused on my fascinations.

1988 – Brno

2008 – 2011
Univerzita Tomase Bati ve Zline – Bachelor’s degree, Photography
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice Chair of Graphic Design / Chair of Visual Communication – Intership for a year

2011 – 2013
FAMU Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – ongoing master’s degree, Photography ( studio: Robert Portel / Viktor Kolář / Lucia Nimcova )
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague – terminated master’s degree, Studio of graphic design and new media ( Petr Babák, asist. Jan Matoušek )

2014 – Assisting for Sputnik Photos and book designer Ania Nałecka in Warsaw

Workshops / projects

P / Exkrement group Brno – With my friend Ivan Flores we set the base for our creative projects
P / Kunstwaffel video group
W / Deepthroat and The Rodina graphic design in Brno 2013
W / The Rodina book design in Warsaw 2014
P / Welten am fluss – photographic reaction on landscape restoration 2011
P / Documentary about destroyed czech landscape due fight for the energy resources

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Vojtěch  Veškrna